Zanzibar Island

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Zanzibar Island offers

Dive Sites for every Type of adventure

We have many excellent dive sites to choose from.

From mystical Tumbatu to the famous dive sites of Mnemba Atoll we have a dive site for every type of adventure.

Zanzibar is a diver’s paradise with an average water temperature of 27°C. An abundance of hard and soft corals, plenty of nudibranchs, scorpionfish and seahorses to name a few can be spotted on dives. Sometimes we enjoy visibility of up to 30 meters, which makes Zanzibar one of the best diving destinations.

Shanes Reef

Hunga Reef

Only a short boat ride from our dive centre, this reef offers a huge variety of reef fish at a maximum depth of 16meters. In the stunning coral formations on a sandy bottom you will find crocodile fish, stonefish and scorpion fish and many different species of flatworms and nudibranchs. Ideal for underwater photography.

At a maximum depth of 18 meters you can find the rare Mauritius- and weedy scorpionfish, leaf fish in all colours, sea horses and frog fish. A treasure hunting place for underwater photography.


A big single coral formation at a maximum depth of 15 m. Stunning coral giving shelter to an abundance of coral fish.


A long stretching coral formation at a depth of 20 m with many reef fish, sometimes a turtle and some great soft and hard corals. 

Nungwi Coral Garden

The extension of Chakatuni, beautiful coral and many of the reef fish of the Indian Ocean, very often green turtles.

Leon Wall

A dive site for the more experienced diver at a depth up to 30 m. Sometimes you can see Dolphins during your dive, very often Turtles.

Ras Misikitini/ Tumbatu Island

Five small walls from 5 m to 18 m, hard and soft coral, many small coral fish, blue spotted sting rays and ribbon eels amongst many others.

Mwana wa Mwana / Tumbatu Island

A truly beautiful coral garden with a variety of hard and soft coral. Scorpion leaf fish, Frog fish, Ribbon eels and blue spotted stingrays are amongst the usual tropical coral fish you can find on this dive site.

Kichafi & Haji

A sloping reef running parallel to the north east coast from 10 m to 18 m. A big variety of hard and soft coral a big section of plate coral giving habitat to all coral fish and green turtles.


A huge hard coral formation surrounded by stunning soft coral at a depth of 16 m.


An ideal dive site for beginners with a maximum depth of 18 meters. A reef of mushroom coral with big starfish, reef fish, moray eels and some big turtles.

Kichwani Spot (Mnemba Atoll)

Dive from 10 to 40 meters. Many colourful coral formations with an abundance of tropical reef fish. Big Napoleon fish, Reef shark, Trumpet fish, Trevally and Grouper, Oriental Sweet lips and Rays.

Mnemba Atoll

The Atoll surrounding the small island Mnemba offers a variety of different dive sites. Mnemba sometimes offer the incredible visibility of 40 m, year average 20 m+.

Indian Gate (Mnemba Atoll)

Flat sandy bottom on 18 m depth dropping to 20 m. Many fish, Hawksbill and Green Turtles and sometimes White tip reef sharks.

The Big wall (Mnemba Atoll)

A steep decent to 20 m and then a vertical drop down to 40 m. Only for advanced and experienced divers. Reef sharks, schools of big Barracudas, Rays and Tuna. Due to the currents often an exciting drift dive.

Small Wall (Mnemba Atoll)

On a flat sandy bottom in 20m a variety of corals giving shelter to many colourful coral fish.

Leven Bank

An exciting deep dive for the more experienced diver (Advanced Open Water required) with a large variety of reef fish as well as big game fish like tuna or sailfish. With its steep wall Leven Bank offers some good drift diving. Average visibility of 20 meters.

Wattabomi (Mnemba Atoll)

A dive site suitable to novice and advance divers with a depth of 15 to 25 m. Amongst others you will see Lion fish, Moray eels, Stingrays, Octopus and big Groupers.